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As planning a trip is an entire part of the journey itself, so is keeping your possession, yourself and your home safe. Here I am working with SimpliSafe to give you some tips on how to travel safely. Having a security at home is helpful but there are a few easy things you can do to insure everything is safe and sound !

Notify that you are leaving the country on your government’s website
Notifiez que vous partez en vacances sur le site de votre gouvernement et sauvegarder un scan de vos documents importants

An accident can happen so quickly so you better be prepared in this case. When I go abroad, and mostly when I go alone on vacations, I always store all of my official documents on my government website (from the passport to my degrees) and also notify them when I’m supposed to leave the country and when I will coming back. This way, if anything happens to me abroad, it will be easier to come back to my country or  to get new documents if I get my passport stolen.

Don’t post any picture before you get back
Ne postez pas de photos avant de rentrer chez vous

It may seem like a basic advice but it really is important to not let people know that you’re not home. I can understand how hard it is since the only thing you’d like to do is share your adventure with everybody but you need to be extra careful about it in order to avoid robbery. When I lived in Canada, I used to post my picture while still on vacation but the only reason I did that was because I wasn't living alone, which means I wasn’t leaving an empty house behind me.

Connect your house to your phone
Connectez votre téléphone directement à l'alarme de votre maison

There is some apps that allow you to keep an eye on your house while on holidays, those happen to be very useful.

Ask your friends/family to check on you
Demandez à vos amis/familles de passer ponctuellement chez vous

If you don’t want to hire a house sitter, this is one of the best alternatives I found. If you have friends or family living nearby your house, do ask them to go check if everything is ok. They’ll be able to tell you if anything looks suspicious and do simple thing like pick up your mail or mow the lawn to make people think the house isn’t empty.

Write down important information
Ecrivez et gardez avec vous les informations importantes (adresse de l'hôtel, etc.)

It is reassuring to write down basic information like emergency contacts, passport's number or even your hotel's address just in case you run out of battery or lose your paper/phone. Trust me, it happens a lot when you take way too much pictures with your phone that it runs out of battery.

Always pack extra clothes and put precious items in your bag
Ramener toujours des vêtements en plus dans le bagage que vous ramenez en cabine avec vous

It happens to me once that the company I took lost my luggage and I had to go through a whole week without my items and buy everything again. The good thing about this adventure is that I now always have extra clothes packed in the bag that I take with me on the plane.

Lock everything in your hotel room
Mettez vos affaires sous clef une fois dans la chambre d'hôtel

You’re never too careful with locking your items in your accommodation, especially when you let your passport and part of your money here. So make sure there is a safe-deposit box in your hotel room and don't forget to bring extra locks !

Do purchase travel insurance
N'oubliez pas de prendre une assurance de voyages

Not have much to add here, it’s better to be prepared to every possibility.

Don’t put all your money at the same place
Ne gardez pas toute votre argent au même endroit

Another basic advice is to never have all your money at the same place. If by mischance someone stole you, you will not lose everything you brought for your trip. You can store some in your pocket, some in your room and some in your wallet or your bag.

Don’t be paranoid
Et surtout ... n'oubliez pas de profiter !

Last but not least ! Don’t be too focus on your safety that you totally forgot to have fun. Being prepare is good, great even, but not too much so don’t forget to enjoy your journey !

And you, what do you do to travel safely ?

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  1. Great advice! I might do a similar post and share my tips too.


    1. Thank you for stopping by ! I'll stop to read your article then !

  2. Yay!!! This post is all in English! Now I can read all of it :)
    Great tips, Kenza! I've never even thought about doing a lot of these things!
    I'm definitely guilty of posting photos while I'm on the trip, though... Especially on Instagram!

    1. Hahah yeah this time it was more written in enghlish than in french ;)
      Glad you like it ! And I know how hard it can be to not post on instagram while abroad ... believe me I don't respect it often as well !

  3. Such an important post. Thanks for sharing
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'


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