vendredi 8 juillet 2016


Last but not least de mes aventures à Dublin comme j’aime tant le dire. Pour ces derniers jours, nous nous sommes plus baladés du côté de la zone industrielle qui, j’ai trouvé, à un charme particulier. Nous avons remonté le canal depuis le Point  Village Market jusqu’à O’Connel Street où nous avons trouvé un petit parc pour nous reposer. Nous avons ensuite déjeuné chez Bunsen Burgers (je vous le conseille d’ailleurs !) pour finir par visiter la Old Jameson Distillery (prix : 12 euros). Plutôt que de visiter la Guinness Factory (beaucoup trop touristique) je vous conseille de visiter cette vieille distillerie de Whisky.

Last but not least the last days I spent in Dublin were quite intense, lot to do, lot to see. We decided to go through the whole canal from the Point Village Market to the Old Jameson Distillery. In mid-afternoon we stopped in a nice park on O’ Connel Street before heading to lunch at Bunsen Burgers. Finally we went to the Old Jameson Distelly (12 euros), an old whisky distillery that was way better than the visit we had at the Guinness Factory (less touristic) so if you have to choose just one, skip the Guinness !

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  1. I had a three day trip to Ireland booked last year, which I cancelled shortly before, in order to go Portugal. Hope to go again at some point because having only been once for a weekend almost ten years ago, was way too short.


    1. I highly recommend you to go there soon, such an amazing country ! Lots of green, lots of light and big spaces :)